Hidden Room
2019 - Harvard GSD Core I - Instructor: Jenny French

The stairs offer an unexpected displacement of the body to an unexpected room by an expected condition, resulting from the process of copying.
This project works with the effects of duplication and the resulting conflation with the copy. The mirroring of the stairs lead to two rotationally opposite paths of circulation to the same room located above or below the stair entrance. The copying of the building leads to a mirrored result in which the building is visually similar yet utilizes the second mirrored axis for the orientation of the rooms.
The differences of the copied building is overcome by the spatial splitting of one stair where one of the entrances connect to a room in the copied building that is almost a visual copy of the room the visitor will expect to be entering in the original building. This entrance is hinted by how the angle of the entry corresponds to the axis of the destination room. 
The eerily familiar building has another stair that can also take the visitor back to the room in the original building, allowing the visitor to never realize that they had ever entered the copied building.
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